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5 months w/o updating!!!

I finally decided to update... kirstin and naz are going to prom! yay... hope naz finds a date.... science fair tomorrow... its gonna be fun... hopefully i know what i am talking about... and i get to sit with dorothy... I love that girl!, everything she says is hilarious.... will keep me entertained.... board is almost done, and looks nice, thank god, don't have to stay up till three this year!!! trying to get on top of things...
I need to improve in Parker's class and Bio too... also start doing Chem homework, at home!!! Today there was this kid in biomed (sophomore) and was attempting to do hs presentation, and nichols told him, afterwards in front of the entire class that it was the crappiest presentation that he has seen in years... it was kinda sad and funny but the dude was not even trying... ok understandable that he doesn't have results, but he couldve tried... OH WELL! just makes me sad, how he is taking up other people's spot and not even making an effort
LA marathon was fun... we (me, anum, naz, jessica) refused to walk 20 miles or 6 miles, to get to our assigned water station, so we just another one, where it was filled with African Americans, they just let us join, cuz they needed help and were extremely funny... I handed gaterode out to al the runners, and there was this realllllly hot asian dude, with green eyes!! OH my... and they were not even contacts... anyways
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