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saturday: woke up at 12 and immediately started to get ready to go to stephs party... then went to get a present. then came home at 5... and started to get ready for cal state fullerton pakistani independence day party... it was dissappointing... no hot guys what so ever.... is LA deprived of hot south asian boys? somebody explain... music was kinda ok... but food was good... i think the indian one would have been better... (such a traitor)
sunday: kevin came and we actually got done with the outline amazingly... it took soo freaking long... longest 2 hours of my life.. sorry kevin i know it was extremely boring... couldn't do much to help...
monday: went to book room service for 1/2 hour.. done with the 20 hours.. yay!!!
tuesday: went to pick up schedule...
1: ap bio
2: ap us (yee)
3: spanish 3rd year (gilliam
4: alg II H (dunbar)
5: english H (parker)
6: chem (tharayil)
i wanna know if anybody has classes with me.. i know theresa does...
wednesday: went to lab..
thursday: went to lab, library.. almost done with library hours yay!~!!
i am in deep shit.. i have barely realized... my dad took away the harry potter book, cuz i have summer homework i have to finish.. he hid it and i can't find it now... american tragedy is 800 pages long... am i gonna finish by sept 3 nooo.... help some one pleaseeee
is there any other book shorter except for house of mirth... cuz i heard thats very very boring...
ap bio stuff i can easily do next week...
oh allah help me!!!
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I don't have any classes with you :(
ahhhh that sucks... we don't even have pe this year!! damn it... i have first lunch i kinda know for sure...
Why, what class do you have for 4th?
alg II H (dunbar)

looks like you're gonna be in my spanish class too. cool! looks like i'm not gonna be alone in there after all.
let me warn you... spanish gilliam 3rd period is very very very boring.... i had it this year... hope we have other cool people in there... keeping fingers crossed
Hey Maham!
I have 3 classes with you..
AP Bio, AP US, and English H! Yay =)
hey janey...
we kinda predicted that... what books are you reading? have you read them? i am reading a house ofmirth now from the american tragedy because it is 800 pages long and i haven't even started...
good luck
Yeah, i thought that people in Bio AP, english h, and US AP would have the same classes together, but some of them have English H for 2nd period.. and US AP for 5th. I was thinking about switching them.. because i know that I would depend on SSR and lunch to study for History =X
haha my history had always been 1st period... now i have one more period to study for it...