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MA bday

my birthday was great.. it was super fun thanks everybody for coming... and all the awesome gifts.... today is stephanie ho bday... hapy birthday steph... if you come across this... i couldn't go at the real time because i have to go to the fullerton party... have funt here who ever is going....
got harry potter and the order of phoenix from the people from my labi am on the third chapter its great can't put it down!!!
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hey hey....

have fun finishing harry potter #5; i know i did.

William Ngo
(AKA Kevin Wong <- just another name)
how weird.. you actually have a whole new name... where did you think of kevin wong?
i just like the name "kevin", so that's what i used for the first name.
"wong" is my cousin's last name.

so now, whenever i do something online i use the name kevin wong as an alias.