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i have too much stuff for carr... i had to rewrite the huntington garden notes... read the 2 pages and i still have a lot more which is not "due " tomorrow thank god... and on top of all that David told me to read 2 more chapters on Genetics... i am probably gonna go with yeyen on sunday to borders to get SAT books... i am not paying 1500 for a prep class... well atleast not now... i am gonna go to the movies on thursday with nasrin, jessica, theresa and anum... and gonna go for chick flicks... well lets see... WHERE IS MY HARRY POTTER BOOK???? it was shipped on 8th July.. it still hasn't come... ughhh sometimes amazon is not that convienint....i have to get my ass to go to the library and the bookroom... enough laziness.. i have to complete my hours... well i have 3 1/2 hours soo far... i think i am gonna be able to finish hopefully...
nothing much to talk about..
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