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Maham's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[13 Oct 2006|08:26pm]
dont i have the tightest icon? all you GA fans out there know what i am talking about!
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[10 Aug 2005|03:52am]
i leave for pakistan in less than an hour.. and i am mighty excited.
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[13 Apr 2005|08:49pm]
check out my new icon!!!
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[16 Feb 2005|07:22pm]
Today in first period I took the horrible test that I know I failed. Khalaf told me to go to Mr. Burbois's room and when I went there some other young ass asian teacher was there... ok.. sub? but no.. he was a real teacher.. I asked him " Can I take a test here" teacher goes "for what class" and I said "Trig Honors" the kids in the class were stupid freshman.. they started making stupid hissing noises saying I was a "showoff" well its not my fault that I try hard.. well sometimes.. and am not in elem alg I. The teacher did their entire homework on the overhead and the kids still complained.. they were on simple slope stuff and they still didnt get it.. makes me wonder if they are just stupid or they just dont try... Yeah not a good place to be taking a trig HONORS test...
My self help book "Hard Won Wisdom" arrived.. I was so happy :o) can't wait to finish it!

I came home and saw 13 going on 30... I love collaboration days!.. its was kinda cute... and made me realized Garner's not that pretty... but she was kinda funny..
Me and my brother then went to play tennis.. Had a good game :o) we are gonna go try and play everyday! hopefully that lasts...
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[15 Feb 2005|08:15pm]
Yes I have decided to update after however many months... life's as usual and I can't wait for senior year to end.. as much as I love AHS.
yes random i know.. but i will start updating daily.
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[30 Aug 2004|09:48pm]
Democrat - You believe that there should be a free
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beaurocracy. You think that capitalism has
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Which political sterotype are you?
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[15 Jul 2004|09:45pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

HAVEN'T updated in a long time... culinary arts is blah now... first it was nice learning all this american food, but now whatever....
AP scores came in a few days ago, and all the hardwork paid off. I feel glad. I didn't expect the 4 in Bio, cause the essays were extremely hard, I wanted the 4 in US cause i read the whole damn review book! Besides I had done well on the essay's.
I went to see FAHRENHEIT 9/11 with mum and baba, it was a DISTURBING movie, the scene that was the most "moving" was with the arab woman screaming in front of her house. I almost cried. Especiallly being a muslim, and experiencing from the "american" perspective...
ps: can someone tell me how to do my government hours? pretty please....

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BORED... [14 Jun 2004|02:54pm]
[ mood | bored ]

1. Kissed your cousin: nope
2. Ran away: nope.
3. Pictured your crush naked: ---
4. Skipped school: oh yes
5. Broken someone's heart: probably... but didn't mean to
6. Been in love: yeah
7. Cried when someone died: yeah
8. Wanted someone you knew you couldn't have: yeah
9. Broken a bone: no
10. Done something embarrassing: probably
11. Lied: yeah
12. Cried in school: i think so,
13. Coke or Pepsi: pepsi
14. Sprite or 7UP: neither
15. Girls or Guys: men..
16. Flowers or Candy: candy..u know i am a big
17. Scruff or Clean shaved: both
18. Blondes or Brunettes: brunettes
19. Bitchy or Slutty: none
20. Tall or Short: tall
21. Pants or Shorts: -----
22. Night or Day: night..
23. What do you notice first: eyes
24. Last Person You Slow Danced With: -----
25. Worst Question To Ask: haha. I'm not going to go there...

26. Showered: 4 hours ago
27. Stepped outside: ----
28. Had Sex: last nite... ;)

29. Romantic memory: valentine's day with someone on a cruise dancing the night away...
30. Your Good Luck Charm: ----
31. Person You Hate Most: i don't hate i only LOVE!
32. Best Thing That Has Happened: i don't know...
33. On your desk: paper, disks, camera, telephone, cds, loose coins, tape, folders, this computer, and a heck of a lot more.
34. Picture on your desktop: tulips... in holland i think
35. Color: almost all.. well except for some neon
36. Movie: plenty
37. Artist or band: some arabic music, rolling stones, maroon 5 etc
38. Cars: --- not interested...
39. Ice Cream: chocolate
41. Food: everything except for pork..
42. Makes You Laugh The Most: Nasrin, allen, richard hsu
43. Makes You Smile: waaay too many to name
44. What Can Make You Feel Better No Matter What: sleeping, talking to people, eating
45. Has A Crush On You: now, how would i know that?
46. Do You Have A Crush On Someone: yeah
47. Who Has It Easier?: er? what's that supposed to mean?
48. Gives You A Funny Feeling When You See Them:......
49. Sit By The Phone Waiting For A Phone Call All Night: nah.
50. Save AIM Conversations: nono
51. Save E-mails: only the personal emails though; not spam or anything, of course
52. Forward Secret E-mails: er? where's the "secret" part of that?
53. Wish You Were Someone Else: no..
54. Wish You Were A Member Of The Opposite Sex: nope.
56. Kiss: yeah
57. Cuddle: sometimes
58. Go Online For Longer Than Eight Hours At A Time: yeah. but i don't think i was ever at the computer the entire time...

59. Fallen For Your Best Friend?: yeah
60. Made Out With JUST A Friend?: no
61. Kissed Two People In The Same Day?: no
62. Had Sex With Two Different People In The Same Day? aiya!
63. Been Rejected: ------
64. Been In Love?: yeah...
65. Been In Lust?: ofcourse
66. Used Someone?: not intentionally.
67. Been Used?: probably...
68. Dumped Someone?: yah
69. Been Cheated On?: maybe...
70. Been Kissed?: yah...
71. Done Something You Regret?: yeah.
72. You Touched?: don't remember...
73. You Talked To?: my brother
74. You Hugged?: a person
75. You Instant Messaged?: my uncle in pakistan
76. You Kissed?: ----
77. You Yelled At?: my brother
78. You Thought About?: pakistan,, after i saw my cousin's pictures
79. Who Text Messaged You?: ...
80. Who Broke Your Heart?: ----
81. Who Told You They Loved You?: my mom before she left for work...

82. Color Your Hair? brown
83. Have Tattoos?: noo.. i can't bear the pain
84. Have Piercings?: yeah
85. Have A boyfriend/girlfriend?:
86. Own A Webcam?: yeah
87. Own A Thong?: noo
88. Ever Get Off The Damn Computer?:
89. Sprechen Siliche Deutsch?:
90. Hablas espanol?: si
91. Quack?:

92. Stolen Anything?: probably
93. Smoke?: ---
94. Schizophrenic?: of course...not =P
95. Obsessive?: maybe
96. Compulsive?: sometimes
97. Obsessive compulsive?: er?
98. Panic?: of course.
99. Anxiety?: have you/do you/are you doesn't seem to fit for this word... in any case, yeah.
100. Depressed?: yeah...a while back.

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school's over! [10 Jun 2004|06:49pm]
tomorrow is last day yay! went to my bro's graduation... everybody looked soo cute... haha i felt like laughing when i saw every one of the little kids.. so proud of themselves while graduating... they don't know what awaits them! somebody have a copy of OUT OF ORDER- thomas patterson and/ or BRAVE NEW WORLD- aldous huxley that i can borrow? pleasseee parker gave me HANDMAIS'S TALE and i bought HARDBALL... i heard it was interesting...
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IN RESPONSE TO YEYEN'S UPDATE [12 May 2004|08:59pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Being a pakistani and a muslim, these statements made by murderers (i personally refuse to call them terrorists, because if people haven't realized terrorists can of any religion not just Islam, but unfortunately they have been labeled this way by the media) , don't account for every muslims ideas, and morals. Just want to let all of you know that Islam teaches peace and love like all religions. (the proof of that THE QURAN!, people will believe what fox news tells them and refuse to believe the quran!) The book of allah/prophet Muhammed (Peace be Upon him) doesn't give the message to go out and kill individuals of other religions, but says to live in harmony with them, but defend your homeland, if its invaded {thats true for every religion/country}In conclusion, the god, allah is the same for all muslims/jews/christians. A proof of that is even arab christians call god- Allah. I hope and pray that all muslims get the freedom they deserve, the freedom that they have been fighting for decades, muslims in kashmir,palestine,eastern europe {bosnia etc}.

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5 months w/o updating!!! [10 Mar 2004|04:05pm]
[ mood | content ]

I finally decided to update... kirstin and naz are going to prom! yay... hope naz finds a date.... science fair tomorrow... its gonna be fun... hopefully i know what i am talking about... and i get to sit with dorothy... I love that girl!, everything she says is hilarious.... will keep me entertained.... board is almost done, and looks nice, thank god, don't have to stay up till three this year!!! trying to get on top of things...
I need to improve in Parker's class and Bio too... also start doing Chem homework, at home!!! Today there was this kid in biomed (sophomore) and was attempting to do hs presentation, and nichols told him, afterwards in front of the entire class that it was the crappiest presentation that he has seen in years... it was kinda sad and funny but the dude was not even trying... ok understandable that he doesn't have results, but he couldve tried... OH WELL! just makes me sad, how he is taking up other people's spot and not even making an effort
LA marathon was fun... we (me, anum, naz, jessica) refused to walk 20 miles or 6 miles, to get to our assigned water station, so we just another one, where it was filled with African Americans, they just let us join, cuz they needed help and were extremely funny... I handed gaterode out to al the runners, and there was this realllllly hot asian dude, with green eyes!! OH my... and they were not even contacts... anyways

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[28 Sep 2003|12:18am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

went to all souls festival today... didn't do anything the whole day... except ate... hung out with theresa and judy bro robert... who is also in my math class and i had no idea.... the harry potter book is amazing... can't wait to get done... hopefully tonight...

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[28 Sep 2003|12:18am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

went to all souls festival today... didn't do anything the whole day... except ate... hung out with theresa and judy bro robert... who is also in my math class and i had no idea.... the harry potter book is amazing... can't wait to get done... hopefully tonight...

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1st Day of school...... [03 Sep 2003|06:52pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

last night i was excited to go to school cuz i had finsihed my homework... this night i am gonna dread it... i see an extremely hard year coming up.... bio was blah... saw nichols and gave him the brochure with this picture... he was making fun of me as usual... the class that i am seriously scared about it BIO AP... it's hard... i have to work my ass of.. and i have barely an A... i should have done better on the summer lab... US AP was soooo boring i was like falling asleep.. yee seems ok but it was boring today he is somewhat laid back.... gilliam was awesome... love the people in it.. have a good spot... thats my relaxing class... lunch was awesome.. its like a dream lunch table hope nobody gets switched... dunbar was embarassing.. me and my big mouth!!! he was like gonna take roll and i had a feeling he was gonna call me mayhem... so i waited for him to say the first person's name which was abebe and then i saw him kind of struggling so i yelled MAHAM... well actually said... but it was actually KELLY ADAMS... i am soo retarded i didn't even see kelly in that class.... dumb and he goes "oh you didn't think i could say kelly adams" and then when he finally got to my name.. he said it perfectly right... oh god.. how embarassing... anyways parker was good too.. she seems such an excellent teacher... way better than jelly neck... [quoting theresa "i already like her better than jelinek and i haven't even had her for an hour and i had jelinek for 9 months" ]cool people in the class too.. i think our class has better people than 2nd period... finally went to 6th [tharayil].. oh god some one kill me... i hate that teacher.. at least her "classroom atmosphere" i don't know how she teaches... i bet non indian/pakistani students cant understand what the fuck shes saying... for gods sake the woman has a "time out chair" I thought we graduated kindergarten 11 years ago??? traditional indian... she cracks silly jokes which noone can understand except for me... she needs to know she is in AMERICA.....
silly ending to a weird day
then came home and chillled and now started studying for bio test tomorrow

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stuff [21 Aug 2003|09:44pm]
[ mood | grumpy ]

saturday: woke up at 12 and immediately started to get ready to go to stephs party... then went to get a present. then came home at 5... and started to get ready for cal state fullerton pakistani independence day party... it was dissappointing... no hot guys what so ever.... is LA deprived of hot south asian boys? somebody explain... music was kinda ok... but food was good... i think the indian one would have been better... (such a traitor)
sunday: kevin came and we actually got done with the outline amazingly... it took soo freaking long... longest 2 hours of my life.. sorry kevin i know it was extremely boring... couldn't do much to help...
monday: went to book room service for 1/2 hour.. done with the 20 hours.. yay!!!
tuesday: went to pick up schedule...
1: ap bio
2: ap us (yee)
3: spanish 3rd year (gilliam
4: alg II H (dunbar)
5: english H (parker)
6: chem (tharayil)
i wanna know if anybody has classes with me.. i know theresa does...
wednesday: went to lab..
thursday: went to lab, library.. almost done with library hours yay!~!!
i am in deep shit.. i have barely realized... my dad took away the harry potter book, cuz i have summer homework i have to finish.. he hid it and i can't find it now... american tragedy is 800 pages long... am i gonna finish by sept 3 nooo.... help some one pleaseeee
is there any other book shorter except for house of mirth... cuz i heard thats very very boring...
ap bio stuff i can easily do next week...
oh allah help me!!!

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MA bday [16 Aug 2003|05:28pm]
[ mood | excited ]

my birthday was great.. it was super fun thanks everybody for coming... and all the awesome gifts.... today is stephanie ho bday... hapy birthday steph... if you come across this... i couldn't go at the real time because i have to go to the fullerton party... have funt here who ever is going....
got harry potter and the order of phoenix from the people from my labi am on the third chapter its great can't put it down!!!

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....BIRTHDAYS.... [13 Aug 2003|09:01pm]
[ mood | loved ]

i feel loved.. almost all the people i invited are coming tomorrow.... yay!!!! 3 hours left until i turn 16.... i am starting to feel old... i think i am gonna stop counting after 21... *as if thats possible* happy independence day to all pakistanis... (august 14) and to all indians (august 15) i seriously can't wait for the fullerton party.... it gonna be awesome!!! kevins gonna be back friday.... we'r on for sunday...hopefully we'll get through this and do a good job...
my rolling stones obsession is not going away... i think they are a bit too good thats why...
missed the las moras meeting... sorry people...
i have like 30 hours.. well yeah...
nothing much to talk about

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30 hours!!! [08 Aug 2003|11:35pm]
i haven't written for so long... LJ is not so appealing.... well right now... my mom and bro are completely obsessed with pakistani soap operas... whats wrong with the world???? my bday is in less than a week... i hope all my friends can come.. try to make it you guys....
i am thinking on bend it like beckham and food... and cookies for lena... any other ideas???? i have 30 hours yay only 2o more to go... hopefully i canfinish this and summer work... sorry kevin.. for today hopefully we'll meet next week....
pakistani independence dayfunction at calstate fullerton : august 16th...
can't wait to check out sexy guys with anum!!!.....
i am getting a refundfor my harry potter book.... i hate crooks....
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UGH CARRR [17 Jul 2003|08:55pm]
[ mood | busy ]

i have too much stuff for carr... i had to rewrite the huntington garden notes... read the 2 pages and i still have a lot more which is not "due " tomorrow thank god... and on top of all that David told me to read 2 more chapters on Genetics... i am probably gonna go with yeyen on sunday to borders to get SAT books... i am not paying 1500 for a prep class... well atleast not now... i am gonna go to the movies on thursday with nasrin, jessica, theresa and anum... and gonna go for chick flicks... well lets see... WHERE IS MY HARRY POTTER BOOK???? it was shipped on 8th July.. it still hasn't come... ughhh sometimes amazon is not that convienint....i have to get my ass to go to the library and the bookroom... enough laziness.. i have to complete my hours... well i have 3 1/2 hours soo far... i think i am gonna be able to finish hopefully...
nothing much to talk about..

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UpDaTiNg AfTeR 9 DaYs [11 Jul 2003|12:08pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

the reason why i don't update is because here is nothing to update on.... my 4th of july was really fun.... went to MONTEREY... and at the beach at night... the fireworks were awesome, some of the best i have ever seen,then on saturday july 5th, went to the monterey bay aquarium... it was OK... not that great.. the one in singapore.. is way way way better... much more to see... then after the aquarium went to the red wood forests.. and got a portrait of me... its kinda sucky.. then sunday came back to LA... the 1 freeway is really nice and very very pretty.. i actully saw sea lions getting"tanned" at the beach!!! that was really funny... today i am gonna go to the HUNTINGTON GARDENS with bio ap people... thank god i got done with my plant classification chart yesterday.. i hope i did it right.... i also saw chalte chalte.. (bollywood movie) it sucks!! the songs are nice and RANI looksawesome i love her clothes and her makeup.. but the plot sucks.. needs much much more editing... it is basicall an indian copy of JUST MARRIED!!!

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