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UpDaTiNg AfTeR 9 DaYs

the reason why i don't update is because here is nothing to update on.... my 4th of july was really fun.... went to MONTEREY... and at the beach at night... the fireworks were awesome, some of the best i have ever seen,then on saturday july 5th, went to the monterey bay aquarium... it was OK... not that great.. the one in singapore.. is way way way better... much more to see... then after the aquarium went to the red wood forests.. and got a portrait of me... its kinda sucky.. then sunday came back to LA... the 1 freeway is really nice and very very pretty.. i actully saw sea lions getting"tanned" at the beach!!! that was really funny... today i am gonna go to the HUNTINGTON GARDENS with bio ap people... thank god i got done with my plant classification chart yesterday.. i hope i did it right.... i also saw chalte chalte.. (bollywood movie) it sucks!! the songs are nice and RANI looksawesome i love her clothes and her makeup.. but the plot sucks.. needs much much more editing... it is basicall an indian copy of JUST MARRIED!!!
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